N.B. No live classes now until 5 Sept when we will return with a brand-new programme - Autumn Releasing. You can find out more HERE

Until then, you can sign-up for FREE to my Lammas Mini Series HERE.




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Yin Yoga



Thurs 22 Sept 2022

Autumn Equinox Gathering




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Sun 16 Oct

Slow Soul Sunday


Sun 20 Nov

Welcoming Winter Retreat

Welcome to Woodland Yoga!

I am delighted to be able to bring you a full timetable of yoga and meditation classes via Zoom and Heartwood Forest when the weather allow and Sandridge Village Hall when we can't be at Heartwood. 

You now have the option of joining regular classes in THREE MAIN WAYS:

MEMBERSHIPS - Monthly Membership is the best value from as little as £10 per week and gives you access to 6 classes in 5 different styles per week as well as several bonuses (cancel anytime, just allow 3 working days to process).

COURSES - One-Off Courses are ideal if you'd like to explore one of the current or past topics in your own time. (enjoy 2 months access from the time of purchase).

PASSES - Monthly, Weekly and Day Passes are ideal if you're not ready to commit to a membership but would like to access Live classes and Recordings on a pay-as-you-go basis


Autumn Releasing

This brand-new Autumn Releasing programme is a 7-week course to ease the transition from summer to autumn. An opportunity for reflection and self-nourishment, to connect to what is truly important to you and let go of what might be holding you back.

Join us for this 7 week course from 5 Sept-22 Oct 2022.

Find out more at THIS LINK.

Choose Your Favourite Class

There are 7 classes in 5 different styles of class to choose from, below is a description of each one but if you're not sure which one is for you just email at and I can talk you through them.


Kick start your week and those happy brain chemicals (aka serotonin!) with this early morning, short but sweet yoga practice that will focus on waking up the body and mind. We will create a moving meditation, ease out aches and pains, find rhythm for the breath and set positive intentions for the week ahead.

Good mood guaranteed for the rest of the day!

Join us!

Monday 07.30-08.15 - Suitable for all, Online Only


Yin allows you to completely draw your awareness inwards and search deep down for understanding. On a physical level it deeply stretches the body’s connective tissue, particularly around the pelvic, hips and spine. We’ll add in some softly flowing poses to create a wonderfully relaxing, releasing class to help you ground and become present no matter what your week has thrown at you!

Join us!

Monday 19.45-20.45 - Suitable for all, Heartwood Forest & Online

Wednesday 18.30-19.30 - Suitable for all, Sandridge Village Hall/Heartwood Forest & Online


Harmonise your breath and movement to build strength, stamina and freedom in your body. Explore the deeper connections between poses while listening to your own beautiful rhythm. We’ll draw inspiration from Mother Nature herself and create a moving meditation with our bodies which will help keep the spine juicy and flexible and also get the heart moving. Ending with a guided meditation and pranayama to deeply ground and bring you into the present moment.

Join us!

Saturday 09.30-10.45 - Suitable for those with some experience of yoga, Sandridge Village Hall/Heartwood Forest & Online


These classes will have a softer, gentler approach focusing on your breath, your anchor and fluid, safe movements allowing you to awaken the energy within rather than deplete it. It will target what you can do rather than what you can’t. You will have the time and space to listen to your body and work at your own pace.


Ideal for those returning to yoga after an injury, on days when the energy in the body is low or those wishing/needing to be gentle with the body.

Join us!

Wednesday 09.30-10.30 - Suitable for all, Sandridge Village Hall/Heartwood Forest & Online


This brand-new early morning class will balance soft, slow mindful movement with longer sessions in seated meditation. Expect to finish class feeling light with more clarity and ready to face the day. 

Join us!

Monday 08.30-09.00 - Suitable for all, Online Only


A lying down meditation that anyone can take part in, regardless of experience or ability.

Yoga Nidra promotes deep rest and relaxation so is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. It offers you a space to explore and welcome in all sensations, emotions and experiences in a non-judgemental and open way.

Join us!

Mondays 20.20-20.45  - Suitable for all, Online Only



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