I'm delighted you're here reading this as I hope that I can help you find some of the magic that I have discovered within yoga and mindfulness.


My journey with yoga started over 20 years ago when my physically demanding job meant that I needed release for my tired, achy body. What I found was so much more! Yoga has literally saved my life on more than one occasion and I can honestly say I don’t think I would be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my practice.


I spent a great deal of my life crippled with shyness, with feelings of not being enough and settling for less than I was worth. Yoga gave me a connection to myself that had been lost somewhere in my childhood when I didn’t want to feel what was going inside. It introduced me gradually to myself so that I could begin to heal old wounds and live a life that I’m now madly in love with.


I am far from perfect, but I now have the healing, transformative powers of yoga as part of my life to guide me through whatever life throws at me. This is what drives me to keep learning, keep growing and sharing this wonderful practice with as many people as possible.


Yoga has a way of opening doors that you didn’t even know were there. It will help you be present to the joy and beauty of life as it unfolds around you. Let me be your guide on this transformational journey.

'Your classes are warm, welcoming and relaxing. In summer I love being outside close to the earth and hearing the birds and the church bells. In the winter the hall is cosy and inviting a place where you can retreat into the stillness inside yourself in the gentle company of like-minded others.'


You approach your classes with a lightness of heart but with serious intent. I keep coming back because your classes give me a precious hour where I can slow down, breathe and focus on my own well-being. Knowing I have this still space to retreat to keep me going when life and work gets hectic.'

~ Rhona McDonald



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