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I established Woodland Yoga in 2013 to combine my two great passions; woodland and yoga. Nature has a great deal to teach us and its wisdom can be soaked up through practicing outdoors, feeling all the elements and witnessing the unending cyclical changes and reflecting these within.


Woodland Yoga has grown into a place where people can connect with nature through regular yoga and mindfulness classes, workshops and retreats that witness and honour the seasonal changes and the magic and wonder of nature. Here you will find all the ways you can join us - I can't wait to meet you! 

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'My first attraction to Woodland Yoga was the opportunity to practise outdoors.... but I've unexpectedly gained so much more!

Lou's passion for yoga and nature is intoxicating and I've had opportunities to celebrate with her the light and warmth of summer through to the slowing down and cosiness of Autumn and Winter in her lovely peaceful venue at Sandridge. Wonderful!'

Claire Gamon


Woodland Yoga began life as a tiny seed of an idea to combine the ancient, healing tradition of yoga with our natural environment. Originally set in Heartwood Forest, where England's largest new native woodland has been created, Woodland Yoga has evolved and changed in much the same way that this growing, changing landscape has.


We have found more beautiful locations where we continue to explore and share the deeper meaning of yoga and mindfulness, whilst benefiting from the intrinsic benefits of reconnecting with our natural world.

Its Your Practice

There's no right way or one way to practice yoga, I'll help you find your way.

Balanced Body & Mind

Getting to class is the hardest part, once there I'll take care of the rest, and remember no one ever regretted going to yoga.

No Need to Be 'Bendy'

You don't have to be able to touch your toes, you just have to be willing to open up to a new experience.

Let Nature Be Your Teacher

Spending time with nature, walking bare foot on the grass, gazing at the stars or clouds is never a waste of time.

"To feel the breath of wildness come into your body is to reclaim your natural wholeness"

~ Mary Reynolds Thompson



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