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NEW PROGRAMME 14 Feb-27 March 2021


 Practices to build inner and outer strength and resilience


“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar


What a year it has been?! We’ve faced changes and challenges like no other 12-month period.

You may have noticed that some people have been able to seemingly breeze through all the ups and down with ease and a positive attitude.

This inner strength and resilience is NOT something we’re born with and is a quality that we need to cultivate to combat stress, to be adaptable to our surroundings, be emotionally resilient and then able to fully embrace life and whatever it throws at us.


For over 20 years now, yoga has been my way of developing an inner and outer strength that has seen me through lose, grief, uncertainty, life changes and stress.

In this brand new six week programme I’m bringing together all the tools and techniques I have used to create a life I’m madly in love with despite the changing landscape of my inner and outer world.

It will teach you techniques that you can use on and off the mat so that being strong and resilient, physically and mentally, become part of who you are.


There will be a strong, physical, alignment-based approach to the dynamic flow classes and an insightful, meditated quality to the gentler, slower paced classes.

PLUS, there’s now a ‘Back-to-Basics’ class for all those that are brand new to yoga, returning after a break or just want a recap on some of the fundamental poses and breathing techniques of yoga.

With 8 classes to choose from, in 5 different styles throughout the week you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Here's what you can expect each week:

Week 1, w/c 15 Feb - Exploring Strength and Resilience

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start.” ~ Nido Qubien

We’ll start our new programme exploring what it means to build inner and outer strength and resilience. Touching on science, we’ll see how our incredible, malleable brain can be rewired to deal with stress, changes and uncertainty.


Week 2, w/c 22 Feb - Planting our Roots

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation in which I rebuilt my life.” ~ J.K. Rowling

Starting from the ground up, this week we’ll focus on planting our roots and creating a solid foundation to build our strength and resilience.


Week 3, w/c 1 March - Balancing Strength and Surrender

“Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Life can sometimes feel like a balancing act and knowing when to accept and let go can save us from unnecessary suffering. This week we’ll explore how we can balance strength with surrender.


Week 4, w/c 8 March - Blossoming from the inside

“Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

Love brings joy and happiness alive and makes any suffering worthwhile. This week we’ll focus on opening the physical and spiritual heart and allowing any hardening to begin to dissolve.  


Week 5, w/c 15 March - Practice Playfulness

“Life is playfulness…We need to play so that we can rediscover the magic all around us.” ~ Flora Colao

Yoga, like life, can be serious but it doesn’t always need to be, and when we remember to practice playfulness, we awaken our innate creativity and wonder and see that there is not just one way of looking at the world or our situation.


Week 6, w/c 22 March - Grit and Grace

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” ~ Nelson Mandela

We’ll conclude our programme by exploring how we can continue to let our perseverance, determination and courage grow, whilst allowing grace to touch our lives, heart and soul.

More about Louise Neicho

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 8 and have completed around 1000hrs of teacher training. I can honestly say that yoga has saved my life on more than one occasion and I don’t think I would be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my practice.

My fascination with the human brain has also started to seep into my practice and teachings and I’m excited to be studying an MSc in Mindfulness and Neuroscience. To bring all of this together is simply a dream come true and I hope you will join me on this unique and special programme.


Here’s what others are saying about Louise’s teachings


~ Orla Mackie

‘I love the way Louise can lift me and put wind under my wings, no matter how I am feeling, once I walk off the mat!

I have quite a few lower back issues all my life and I was wary of Yoga, but Louise ALWAYS suggests an alternative that is just as good and does not make me feel, I am not good enough to be in that class!

She talks through every move at the perfect tempo, and always remembers to tell us when to exhale, which I have found some teachers forget and I keep holding my breath!

The little examples she provides, to explain better what she is trying to convey are so simple yet so effective and personal. She brings Meditation down to day to day living, experiences and struggles that we all deal with.

I love the different types of classes to suit everyone and the huge variety in times offered.

Thanks a million Louise. I would be a very different person at the end of the Lockdown if it hadn't been for your Saving Yoga Classes!’


~ Gwladys Morin

'Lou has a gift. A gift for words and spiritual kindness. I love that Lou's yin yoga classes have a strong element of mindfulness. I LOVE her classes - they have been a blessing during this period of lockdown and will be key as lockdown is eased and one has to go through another period of change adapting to the new normal.'


~ Virginia Bird

‘Louise is an excellent teacher who makes you feel at ease very quickly. She has a lovely personality. She’s clear and friendly and keeps instructions simple. The yoga practices are accessible to all levels and abilities due to her giving variations on each pose. She combines good poses with helpful mindfulness teaching. I am 60 and my daughter is a full time athlete of 25, yet we can both enjoy her classes together. I would recommend her unreservedly.’


~ Gillian Hall

‘The on-line classes provide the perfect opportunity to practice yoga in the comfort of your home.  I find being able to move straight from the yin class or a yoga nidra to my bed means I drop off to sleep quickly and wake really refreshed and full of energy the next day.’


~ Julie O’Shea

‘I have really benefited from increasing my yoga classes recently. With the online classes I can do 3 live sessions and add in pre recorded ones if I miss any live ones. It has made such a difference to my strength, mobility and sense of focus. Lou is a great teacher and the classes are well structured to incorporate Mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing.’

How the Membership Works

There will be eight classes to choose from in five different styles throughout the week where we will explore these concepts and themes. Whether you prefer dynamic and flowing or gentle and restorative, I'm certain there will be a class to suit you.


All classes will be recorded and uploaded to the Members Only Area (read more below about this) within 24 hours of taking place so if you miss any you can catch up at a time suit you. PLUS if you go on holiday, you can still access the live classes or recordings from anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet of course!)


All live classes will take place via Zoom, an easy to use popular video conferencing platform. If you haven't used it before, don't worry it's easy to set up and I'll be on hand to guide you through any problems you may have.


Timetable of Classes

  • Mon 07.30-08.15 – Sunrise
  • Mon 18.30 -19.30 – Back-to-Basics
  • Mon 19.45-20.45 – Yin Yoga
  • Wed 09.30-10.30 – Gentle & Restorative
  • Wed 18.30-19.30 – Yin Yoga
  • Wed 19.45-20.45 – Flow & Reflect
  • Fri 07.30-08.15 – Sunrise
  • Sat 09.30-10.45 – Flow & Reflect

You can read about each individual class at THIS LINK but if you’re unsure which is right for you don’t hesitate to email me


Membership Options

There are 3 pricing options depending on how often you would like to attend, obviously the more classes you can do in a week, the more these concepts, principles and practices will percolate into your consciousness and become a part of your everyday life.


With monthly membership you will also have access to the following BONUSES:


  • Access to an Exclusive Members Only Area
  • 25% off Nourish & Nidra evenings
  • Access Early Bird Offers on workshops and retreats at any time
  • Heartwood Forest classes included in your membership


The Exclusive Members Only Area is where you can enjoy all recorded live classes, pre-recorded classes and my Mini Yoga Series which includes short practices for when time is tight and yoga nidras to help you sleep.


SINGLE MEMBERSHIP - Membership to Online Classes for 1 Person

Copper Beech- Enjoy 1 online class per week - £10 per week

Silver Birch - Enjoy 2 online classes per week - £12.50 per week

Golden Oak - Enjoy ALL online classes per week - £15.00 per week


HOUSEHOLD MEMBERSHIP - Membership to Online Classes for 1 Household

Copper Beech - Enjoy 1 online class per week - £12.50 per week

Silver Birch - Enjoy 2 online classes per week - £15.00 per week

Golden Oak - Enjoy ALL online classes per week - £17.50 per week

Join Us!

‘Find your why so you could put up with any what or how!’

If this sounds like the perfect way to explore your inner world, to connect back into what is important to you and create strength and resilience in your life, then choose the pricing option below that suits your needs best.

If you have any questions I’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to get in touch -


Your Questions Answered


Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about this program. If you find you have another query not answered here please don't hesitate to contact me -

How is this different to other yoga classes?
My program is designed to take you gently and slowly into the deeper layers of the mind. Each week building on your understanding of the workings of the mind and the tools and techniques that you can use on and off your mat. The difference to regular yoga classes is that we focus on one particular emotion or area of the mind, as well as a physical focus in the body each week. You get to explore this theme for a whole week on and off the mat, building your awareness and focus.
Here’s a breakdown of each week:

Week 1 w/c 15 Feb - Exploring Strength and Resilience

(No Live Classes)

Week 2 w/c 22 Feb - Planting our Roots

Week 3 w/c 1 March - Balancing Strength and Surrender

Week 4 w/c 8 March - Blossoming from the inside

Week 5 w/c 15 March - Practice Playfulness

Week 6 w/c 22 March - Grit and Grace

Which class should I choose?
There are 5 different styles to choose from and how you choose will depend on whether you have practiced yoga before or not and what you would like to gain from your practice. If you are new to yoga or haven’t practiced in a while, I would suggest starting with the Back-to-Basics, Gentle & Restorative and Yin Yoga.
If you are familiar with vinyasas then you’ll love the Flow & Reflect classes on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings and if you’re looking for more stillness, deep physical stretches and meditation techniques then Yin Yoga will be for you. Find the full timetable and description of each class HERE.
The beauty of a membership is that you can try them all and find your favourites!
Do I have to complete the program?
No, you don’t have to complete the course. You will obviously benefit far more by completing the 6 weeks as it will build each week on the techniques and tools we can use to cultivate that inner happiness. You can also cancel your membership at any time.
What happens if I miss a class?
No problem if you miss a class as they will be added to the members area where you can practice them at any time.
Will all the classes be online?
Yes all of the classes will be online but I plan to hold the Wednesday 09.30 and Saturday 09.30 classes in the forest when the weather allows. If you can't attend you can still practice with us as these will be live streamed to Zoom and recorded.

N.B. Your membership includes Heartwood Classes, you just need to book in advance so I know how many people to expect.
How does the Members Only Area work?
When you become a member you can enjoy all recorded live classes, my Mini Yoga Series and yoga nidras to help you sleep. These are all accessed via a secure Members Only Area and updated regularly with new practices (live recorded classes are uploaded within 24hrs, often much quicker).

As a member you also have access to the following BONUSES:

  • 25% off Nourish & Nidra evenings
  • Access Early Bird Offers on workshops and retreats at any time
  • Heartwood Forest classes included in your membership

Have you got some testimonials about your online classes?
You can read a range of testimonials on my Facebook page HERE (click ‘Most Recent’ so you read the latest ones) but here’s a couple that really stands out for me:

‘The online classes are one of the positives I will remember from this time! They help me find a state of calm, better sleep, reduce anxiety and give me energy. I’ve gone from one practice a week to a daily practice and it’s something I will continue.
The monthly subscription is great value and I recommend Lou highly- always welcoming and every class is easily adapted to suit what you can achieve and what your body needs. There’s no pressure, no judgement- just kindness, peace and support.’
~ Finola McManus
‘I have been attending Louise’s classes for a few years now and they are an important (essential) part of the rhythm of my week. During this lockdown period, the online classes are a nourishing pause, a place of familiarity and a reassurance that all is well and will be well. I leave the classes feeling re-connected and at peace.’
~Alex McIntyre
What do I need to begin?
You will need a yoga mat and comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in, PJ’s work well for this! For some of the classes you will need some props, but we have been experimenting with household pillows, cushions and blankets in place of traditional yoga props. I will let you know at the beginning of class what you need.
How do I sign-up?
Choose the level of membership that you would like to sign-up for. This will depend on how many classes you would like to take in a week and if there are other people in your household that would like to join. The breakdown of pricing structures is below.
Once you have chosen, click the appropriate link below and I will send you all the info you need.
Pricing Structure:

Enjoy 1 class per week - £10
Enjoy 2 classes per week - £12.50
Enjoy ALL classes per week - £15.00
Enjoy 1 class per week - £12.50
Enjoy 2 classes per week - £15.00
Enjoy ALL classes - £17.50
Other questions?
If you have any other questions that are not answered here, then feel free to contact me on



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