Beltane Day Retreat



SUNDAY 26 APRIL 2020 10.00-17.00 




Join Louise from Woodland Yoga and Sarah from SahaSarah Sound for this inspiring day-long retreat, filled with all their favourite yoga practices that will allow you to go deep within to discover the beauty, peace and calm that is your natural state.


The Ancient Celtic Wheel of the Year gives us the opportunity to connect more deeply to Nature, the seasons and ourselves so that we can create an ease and flow in our everyday living.


The Fire Festival of Beltane is all about fertility and new beginnings. The Earth energies are at their strongest and most active at this time – new life is bursting forth everywhere and we can connect into this and welcome in the potential to see your deepest desires becoming reality.  

What you can expect:

This full-day retreat will begin with a settling meditation to ground and become present, to set intentions and recognise where we are at this time. We’ll move slowly into a soft flowing yoga practice to gentle open the body and awaken subtle energies and we’ll complete the morning with a kirtan session. Kirtan is the yoga of sound and a form of meditation that effortlessly quietens the mind and opens the heart to bring us into a state of calmness, bliss, joy and connection.


We’ll then enjoy a homemade yummy lunch before heading out to Heartwood Forest for mindful walking and witnessing the magical spectacle that is Bluebell Season! Once we’d had our fill of Nature we’ll journey back to the comfort of the hall to enjoy a deeply nourishing yin yoga session followed by a powerful yoga nidra (lying down meditation) that will be recorded so you can use at home. To top off the day and have you floating out the door, we will then enjoy a deeply meditative gong bath.


Absolutely no experience necessary, just an open mind and a love of Nature!

Here’s what Louise says about the day and what she will be offering:

‘Retreats are so important to my own personal life that it is an absolute honour to be able to offer and lead a full-day retreat which has all of my favourite yoga practices included. My love of Nature and the wisdom that she offers us, spills over into my yoga teachings as I have found these to have profound healing qualities and ways to maintain flow and ease in my life.


I’m excited to say I’ll leading this one with my soul sister Sarah who intuitively uses her voice, gong and other musical instruments to leave you feeling peaceful, refreshed, nourished and energised. Together we bring you an eclectic day of mindful movement, inner reflection, mantra and sound, adventures in Nature and wholesome food that will leave you feeling vibrant and alive and connected to your deepest desires.’

Here’s what Sarah says about the day and what she will be offering:

Come and embark on a deeply meditative journey bathed in the healing vibrations of the gong and other instruments. The gong doesn’t require to be some-one or believe any-thing. There is nothing to do but let the sound take you where you need to go. Allow me to guide you on a sacred journey of sound, immersed in the vibrational ambience of the gong, drums, singing bowls, shanti chimes and voice you can repair, cleanse and release tension and blocks. Traverse the sonic soundscape and achieve a state of deep relaxation, stillness, balance and healing.’

Here’s the rough timetable:

10.00 – Arrival and settling meditation

10.30 – Gentle Flowing Yoga

11.30 – Kirtan – the Yoga of Sound

12.30 – Homemade yummy lunch

13.30 – Mindful (possibly barefoot) walking at Heartwood Forest

14.30 – Deeply Nourishing Yin Yoga

15.30 – Powerful Yoga Nidra

16.00 – Gong Meditation

17.00 – Closing circle

Taking time out from the material world in this way is essential to keep mind-body-spirit balanced and healthy. Making your wellbeing a priority will keep you feeling replenished and vibrant throughout the year and as we learn to keep in harmony with the seasons, we naturally encourage a flow and ease to return.


So why not join us for a special day just for you?!


Absolutely no experience necessary, just an open mind and a love of Nature!


Sunday 26 April




Sandridge Village Hall for the main practice

Heartwood Forest for

the mindful walking


Loose comfortable cothing

Boots & coat for the afternoon walk

Yoga mat




£65 if booked and paid before 31 March,

£75 after